• Date: May 2016

On 30th May, 2016 GPP Bhutan presented the project to the officials of the Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB) in an effort to create synergy between BSB and GPP Bhutan activities. During the various public forums conducted by GPP Bhutan, use of standards and its enforcement has been commonly identified as an important for ensuring quality and sustainability in provision of goods, works and services. Since public procurers look to the standards and approved lists when writing tenders, involvement of BSB would be critical to ensure adoption and implementation of green criteria in public procurement.  

Since Bhutan imports a wide diversity of goods, if standards are not enforced adequately then the market could be flooded with hordes of spurious products seriously compromising on safety of lives, cost and environmental protection. One practical suggestion from the BSB team was for Ministry of Works and Human Settlement to request BSB to create mandatory certification for plumbing and electrical works which they claim would greatly improve the quality of products used for such works.

The BSB team emphasized that clear cut roles between different regulatory bodies and BSB is crucial in implementation, enforcement and regulation of established standards in Bhutan. Close coordination, awareness building, strict enforcement of standards, quality checks were some of the measures identified that could play pivotal role in improving the concept and practice of enforcement of standards in Bhutan.

BSB suggested continuing the awareness-building, capacity-enhancement of both suppliers and procurers in green procurement. The possibility of training Bhutanese experts on Life Cycle Assessment through the upcoming knowledge platform and integration of GPP concept in curricula of RIM and other RUB constituent colleges was another important and needed area for achieving long term impacts. There was also the consensus on the need to involve BSB to present on the standards during the upcoming training of procurers and supplier sensitizations.


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