• Date: Aug 2017

With the successful completion of the GPP Bhutan project, we are pleased to share our final publication, Checklist for Implementing Green Public Procurement in Bhutan. The checklist has been designed to help Bhutanese public procurers and policymakers get started on green and sustainable purchasing. It covers a wide range of macro- and organization-level intelligence that can help procurers ask the right questions of peers, suppliers and end users to ensure that procurement processes are being gradually modernized to encompass value-for-money across the lifecycle. The checklist is also designed to help procurers work with suppliers and stakeholders to design specifications that will serve as triggers for green industrial activity across the domestic economy.

We hope the checklist encourages public agencies, the Cottage, Small and Medium-sized industries, and other stakeholders in Bhutan to continue the efforts towards green public procurement, sustainable consumption and production patterns, and ultimately, sustainable development.


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